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Aurora, born an only child of drummer Daniel Colson and his wife Jacqueline, developed her passion for music whilst growing up in Nancy, East of France.
For 4 years, Aurora has been the lead singer of "Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection", an original quartet featuring a mélange of French, Irish and English acoustic arrangements.and has been touring the UK since August 2015, and released three original albums, including one vinyl. 
Despite her acoustic and jazz background, Aurora always wanted to front a rock band; and performing in a Blondie tribute band has always been in the back of her mind.  She says: “For years, people have stopped me in the street to tell me how much I look like Debbie Harry - During a recent concert, someone in the audience even shouted out: “Debbie Harry 1977!!” when I came on stage!”
Thanks to the versatility of her vocals, her confident stage presence, and her natural Debbie Harry looks, Aurora and the band will give you the “Totally Blondie” experience.  




After studying classical guitar Spike discovered rock, blues, soul & funk and never looked back. He ended up as a session guitar-gun-for-hire in the Eighties, playing with a range of artists, both big & small. Nowadays he divides his time between performing with a variety of bands, writing & production projects, and studio session work.
He has had a long-running love affair with Blondie (ok, well the music at any rate), and talks about the buzz he still gets from these fantastic songs. ”Playing with this band’s such a huge blast …!” he says.
But his bandmates have to put up with his notorious obsessiveness – “if you’re going to do it, do it right …!” is his mantra.




Chris has made a lifelong career as a professional keyboard player. He has toured all over the world, even playing a few times in Las Vegas, and also had some chart success, appearing twice on Top Of The Pops.
Not only does he now bring all that experience to Totally Blondie, but he also has a close connection with the real Blondie having supported them on tours of the UK & Europe and the Cornbury Festival.

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Paul is an alumnus of the Royal College of Music where he spent 4 years studying orchestral Double Bass. He also spent much of that time skiving off to teach himself Bass Guitar and rock out!
Since then he has played both instruments on stages around the world, covering everything from classical and jazz to rock, pop, funk, gospel and blues along the way.
His two young daughters have ensured he has not slept in several years, leading to his other interest in coffee, about which he is a passionate nerd.

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Dave started his drumming career the hard way –playing literally hundreds of gigs for a cabaret band working the club circuit in & around Liverpool and the North West …! Having paid his dues, he branched out to play & record with several Indie bands before moving to London to join the BBC.
Since then Dave has played for an 11 piece Funk Soul Band, several original bands and appears on album tracks for various people. These days, he drums for a rather classy 5 piece function outfit as well as Totally Blondie.
“I love the challenge of Clem Burke’s drumming style,” he says. And a good job of it he makes too, we say …!

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Maidenhead SL6, UK