Chris has been fortunate to support Blondie on a number of occasions as part of a band called The Boyfriends. They were lucky and cool enough to support Blondie’s second sell out European Tour in 1978, alongside The Kinks and The Buzzcocks who covered earlier parts of that crazy year. Brilliant days when ‘Denis’ and ‘Picture This’ were released. 20 gigs in 20 days for The Boyfriends and Chris on keys playing venues from Hammersmith to Munich to Paris.
Chris Stein, Debbie’s co-writer took this photo when they all played the Cornbury Festival in the UK in 2004. Chris was part of a band called the Overtures, supporting Blondie again for this two day event.
Chatting with them after the show in Cornbury, Chris discovered that Blondie’s original keyboard player Jimmy Destri was due to leave the band. It crossed Chris’s mind to drop a few hints that maybe he could be the new Blondie keyboard player, but professional discretion made him pause and the moment moved on – a decision he now ponders from time to time! Still, he gets to “totally” play all the Blondie songs with this band just the way she’d have liked! So all’s well. Sort of …

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Maidenhead SL6, UK