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“Totally Blondie were brilliant headliners at our festival. They completely stole the show”

Stan Heatherington, Wokingham Festival

“Great performance - you are easily the best Blondie tribute out there – your Debbie Harry is spot on, looks and sounds great – amazing!”

Rick Eglinton, East Woodstock Festival

"Thank you all for what was a superb night of music, absolutely spot on, the whole set up was excellent, your musicianship and your energy was truly electric
Your voice and pitch was so accurate
Thankyou once wife and myself will definitely see you again"

Gig at the Horn on Saturday 3rd August

“What a fantastic night!”

Paul Lyme, The Horn, St Albans

"Immitation is the highest form of flattery. These people are true Blondie fans!!!"

Edward H, YouTube

"She really sounds like Debbie Harry. Full marks"

Terry Jones, YouTube

"If you're going to cover a band this is a good one. Holy crap as said before vocals sound very authentic. Not easy."

Mark Lowe, YouTube

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